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Outsourcing of foreign economic activity (FEA).

Foreign economic activity outsourcing, derived from the English word outsourcing - the use of an external resource, consists in transferring certain business processes in the field of foreign economic activity a third-party company that deals with these issues on professional level. This type of cooperation significantly reduces costs and minimizes risks in the implementation of the procurement process, international delivery and customs clearance of goods.


Advantages of foreign trade outsourcing and turnkey work:

  • There is no need to maintain a staff of logistics specialists and monitor their work, as well as delve into and study all the intricacies of organizing import / export purchases, customs clearance and delivery of goods
  • No need to waste time on participating in business processes related to foreign economic activity
  • Control ensuring the legality of the import of the client's goods at all stages: procurement, delivery, customs clearance and transfer of cargo to the warehouse
  • Receiving goods ready for sale with all the necessary accounting and permits
  • Significant reduction in human, time and financial costs

In the modern world, foreign economic activity outsourcing is most suitable for organizations that carry out import purchases and / or sell their goods for export.

One of the main advantages of foreign economic activity outsourcing is a significant reduction in financial and time costs, as well as a more rational use of the organization's human resources.

Foreign economic activity outsourcing is especially relevant for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses who are unable to employ lawyers and accountants with knowledge of currency legislation, logisticians, forwarders, declarants, certification and insurance specialists, etc. For such companies, foreign trade outsourcing services will be especially effective, because in fact, all the troubles associated with the implementation of the import / export transaction will fall on the shoulders of our specialists.


What is included in the services of foreign trade outsourcing or foreign economic activity on a turnkey basis:

  • Assistance in choosing a supplier, organizing and conducting negotiations
  • Importer / exporter services (if required)
  • Drafting, conclusion and registration (if necessary) of foreign economic contracts, taking into account the customer's requirements
  • Preparation of the necessary licenses, certificates and permits, including for transportation
  • Development and organization of an optimal logistic scheme, taking into account the delivery of goods from the seller's warehouse to the customer's door
  • Cargo insurance (at the request of the client)
  • Full support for the organization of customs clearance
  • Registration of all related documentation, including: transport, legal, financial, accounting, permits, reference and other documents
  • Control at all stages. Post-customs control
FEA "turnkey"
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